Many organisations have a critical need to modernise their IT applications and infrastructure to deliver a standout customer experience, remain competitive, and release features faster. Discover how Anthos fosters a cloud native mindset in developer teams to unlock new business capabilities, plus how we can enable your digital transformation.


In today’s ever-evolving technology landscape, it can be difficult for businesses to keep up. Google’s Anthos is a modern application management platform designed to meet this growing challenge. Here’s why Anthos could be the missing piece to your IT legacy puzzle.

Launched in April 2019, Anthos enables organisations to run Kubernetes clusters anywhere and roll out consistent development and operations across complex hybrid and multicloud environments. 

From delivering a strong customer and user experience, to bolstering security and helping businesses remain agile in a constantly changing market, Anthos truly delivers. With a recent Forrester study reporting that customers can achieve up to 4.8x ROI in just three years, you simply can’t afford to ignore the benefits.

To avoid the common pitfalls (think configuration woes and a general lack of expertise), you need a dedicated, specialist partner. As an official Anthos launch partner, Appsbroker is committed to helping its customers maximise Anthos’ potential. 

1. Harness enterprise-grade IT at a consumer-grade pace.

Unlike consumer-facing applications developed by cloud native organisations (where software updates are frequent and readily available), enterprise-grade software is renowned for being slower to adapt as technology moves on. As a result, your business could be operating clunky, outdated systems that hinder, rather than promote productivity. This can have a demoralising impact on your employees and leave your customers feeling dissatisfied.

Empower users and customers.

Anthos allows organisations to replicate digital native speed of delivery on an enterprise scale resulting in greater efficiency and performance. This allows you to make more frequent releases and modernise your existing environment as and when new business requirements arise. 

Deploying Anthos can also make your organisation more adaptive and competitive, allowing you to make rapid changes to your websites and applications. For example, introducing Anthos could enable a manufacturing or retail organisation to pivot and deploy work to new regions fast as their consumer market changes. 

As uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Anthos could give your business the agility it needs to adapt and remain profitable.

Discover the cost benefits of Anthos at a glance in our infographic.

2. Run applications from anywhere, any time.

Another key challenge businesses are facing is growing complexity across on-premises and multicloud environments. This can lead to inefficiencies, frustration and excess costs associated with managing multiple competing technology solutions.

Disentangle your legacy apps and wave goodbye to complexity.

Anthos disentangles your legacy applications, wraps them in individual containers and delivers them to one unified, open platform. Built on open-source software, Anthos provides the perfect agile hybrid environment for your business.

Break free from vendor lock-in.

With no vendor lock-in, your organisation has the flexibility to run your applications from anywhere — whether that’s Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, on-premise or at the edge. 

The result is a streamlined approach to managing your applications, reducing unnecessary costs and complexity.

3. Unlock business agility and supercharge security.

Lack of agility is another common complaint among enterprise organisations.

If your organisation is currently operating complex multicloud environments, you’ll know that deploying a service in Google Cloud vs. AWS or Azure requires a different security and operating policy each time. This can often result in a lengthy, frustrating process.

Pivot and deploy new initiatives fast.

In contrast, Anthos gives your organisation the ability to create a security policy once and apply it across the Cloud. As a result, it’s faster to deploy and react to geomarket or geopolitical changes fast. For example, this could allow a financial institution to quickly deploy Google Cloud, AWS or Azure in a brand new region.

From a security perspective, the ability to apply consistent security and operations across on-premises and multicloud platforms also represents a significant advantage.

Realise your business’ potential with Anthos 

At Appsbroker, we can help you to reimagine your applications and experience the power of Anthos first-hand.

During a free session with us, we’ll demonstrate Anthos’ potential to modernise your IT applications and infrastructure - giving you the opportunity to visualise the potential outcomes for your business before making a commitment. 

Expect extraordinary with Appsbroker.

We’ve helped dozens of clients in industries such as finance, manufacturing and retail to leverage the cloud and accelerate digital transformation. Whether your ambitions are on-premises or in the cloud, we can help you achieve extraordinary business outcomes.

To find out how we can help you unlock hidden IT potential in your organisation on Google Cloud, download our brochure, Application Modernisation with Anthos today. Application Modernisation with Anthos Brochure

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